Visit to Raceworz USA

To mark the start of the season 2018, we went to Raceworz USA for the weekend. (Yeah, we "forgot" that they where 9 hours behind norwegian time...) Hot Import Nights and Dragracing Nationals was on the agenda.

To leave the snow and icecold temperature here in Norway for 5 days, was a easy choice. 25 celcius and sun everyday - could easily have lived with that.

To feel the smell of gasoline and rubber again - damn, why can't we start the season NOW!

The first stop was Auto Club Speedway to help set up for the weekends dragracing. As soon as we got inside the gates, we realised that Norway has a lot to learn about arenas for motorsports.. Damn, this was big. And yet, not the biggest one....

This was just the dragrace stip. Then you had the Nascar track, go-cart track, autosport, trackday and so on. . .

So yeah - we want this in Norway as well!

Hot Import Nights was next up. This really got us fired up and ready to kick off the season. Sun, cars og all kind, the sound, the ladies - everything... wow. If only we could get the goverment to approve to close down 4 blocks in the middel of the city to do a carshow. When we hardly can have any cars in Frognerparken. Yep, let's all drive electric cars.

Enough of this - lets show you some pictures from "HIN" - and hopefully you also will get the spirit up to join our carshow at may at Gardermoen Raceway. SEE YOU THERE!